Blueprint for Wellness™


Our Blueprint for Wellness helps improve an employee's true understanding of his or her health and well-being by providing powerful insights in an easy-to-understand manner. It can be described as a tool that empowers an individual to take charge of his or her own health. The Blueprint for Wellness is a complete wellness program where Quest Diagnostics provides total program administration that includes driving employee participation, sample collection and testing, analysis and insight of results and finally driving healthy behavior and outcomes amongst employees. It is a holistic wellness solution for any organization seeking healthy outcomes for its employees.

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Blueprint for Wellness


Employer Wellness Report:

Helps you know your employees better


Employers can gain insight into their organization's health through an aggregate Employer wellness Report with summarized results of the employee population with an overall risk profile, risk stratification and trends.

  • Employer Wellness Report: A personalized and insightful health report that's easy to understand, with detailed information on tests and diseases with an overall individual risk profile, risk stratification and even trending of result for subsequent testing undertaken.
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Blueprint for Wellness

Personal Wellness Report:

Understanding the big picture & tracking your health


Central to the interaction between the individual and Quest Diagnostics is the individually tailored Personal Wellness Report. The individual can access it online with a unique password protected ID that ensures her or his privacy.

Employees can also engage in their health more proactively through Quest Diagnostics proprietary health information and tools:

  • Personal Wellness Report: Inspite of the detailed and comprehensive nature of the report, we have ensured that the results are extremely easy to understand, empowering the individual with powerful insights into his or her own health.
  • An interactive and informative health portal. Employees can receive result online, assess a vast health library, network and share with peer group and even consult US-based experts online.
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Blueprint for Wellness

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