Quest Diagnostics Urine Drug Screen Collection Process


  1. Donor will arrive with the following information
    1. Quest Diagnostics Account Number
    2. Reason for Test
    3. Quest Diagnostics test code
    4. Specific Employer code (optional)
  2. Donor will present Identification
  3. Collection site will go to and from the left menu bar, select Employer form and select the country in which urine specimen is being collected
  4. Enter the information on the donor:
    1. Quest Diagnostics account number (provide by donor)
    2. Donor name
    3. Donor ID (driver’s license, employee id, etc)
    4. Reason for Test (provided by donor)
    5. Test code (provided by donor)
    6. Employer code (Optional – provided by donor)
    7. Donor date of birth and gender
  5. Enter the information on your facility:
    1. Collection Site/Clinic name,
    2. Address
    3. Contact numbers
  6. Enter any medication information provided by donor
  7. Select “Generate Form”
  8. Review information on screen
  9. Select Print Form 1 and Print Form 2
  10. Proceed with urine drug screen collection
  11. After donor has provided the urine sample, :
    1. Check temperature and indicate on form if temperature is within indicated ranges;
    2. if outside of temperature range, indicate temperature out of range and write comment in “Comment” section of form (for example, specimen is cold)
  12. Complete specimen ID label and security seal
  13. Pour off specimen into specimen transport vial
  14. Place Specimen ID label on specimen vial and smaller ID labels on the forms in the boxes indicated as “Place Specimen ID Label”
  15. Donor and collector should then date and sign forms
  16. Place Security label over top of transport vial and place vial and Form 1 into specimen transportation bag.
  17. Donor and Collection site take one half of Form 2
  18. Send specimen to Quest Diagnostics for testing
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