Quest Diagnostics is the preferred laboratory of choice for employers across to globe. That is why more than 30000 corporate customers and partners, including many fortune 500 companies in the US and other countries, rely on Quest Diagnostics for pre-employment screening, routine drug testing, occupational safety testing, as well as for comprehensive wellness testing and health assessments for their employees.

As the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services, we perform more than 10 million drug tests and offer the industry’s most extensive menu of lab tests unmatched by any other lab. We have pioneered over two hundred tests widely used the world over and have the most advanced laboratories and the largest team of highly qualified diagnostics experts in the world.

A partnership with Quest Diagnostics is an enlightened choice both for the health of your employees and your organization. We have repeatedly seen how proactive employee health programs benefit both the individual and the company. Now you can leverage the power of diagnostics for the sake of your most valuable assets.

For more information mail us at : or call us at : 124-460-8888
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