Insurance Value Proposition

Your Complete Risk Assessment Solution

The ExamOne™ solution includes a host of services and technology tools developed specifically to serve the life insurance industry, including:

  • Medical requirements fulfillment including physical examinations and life insurance-tailored laboratory testing
  • Data and imaging delivery systems
  • Sophisticated statistical reporting capabilities
  • Complete case management with scheduling

These services are supported by the most comprehensive IT solutions in the industry.

Integrated Supply Chain

ExamOne™ offers an integrated supply chain solution that streamlines your application process.

The applicant's information is entered once. As the order automatically proceeds through the process, reflexive ordering is performed according to your guidelines. Status and reports are provided to ensure the most up-to-date information.

Requirements are gathered in tandem – eliminating redundancy, reducing costs and accelerating your policy delivery cycle. Plus, by optimizing collaboration between all parties in the service supply chain, applicant satisfaction is maximized.

Get an Expert Evaluation

Quest Diagnostics can evaluate your current processes and create solutions customized to your business needs, enabling you to focus resources and savings on strategic business initiatives.

To request an evaluation and find out how you can benefit from ExamOne™, contact us today.

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