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ExamOne — Your All-inclusive Solution

ExamOne™ provides you and your customers quality products and superior customer service.

Client Services

The ExamOne™ solution comes with a case management customer service center dedicated to research, information and problem solving. Professional client service representatives are available to place an order or answer questions regarding status or account information.

Applicant Surveys

Applicant surveys are used to gauge examiner performance levels and include measurements such as courteousness and professionalism. We mail a brief questionnaire to applicants who recently received an exam. Their responses are compiled monthly and reported to you.

Laboratory Testing

Quest Diagnostics offers the highest caliber of laboratory equipment and qualified personnel, and extensive automation. One hundred percent of our laboratory tests are performed in-house, and clients are provided complete statistical and results analysis and actuarial information.

Testing Quality

When a specimen arrives at the laboratory it is identified by a unique bar code assigned to the ID form and to each sample in the kit. The ID form is then separated from the specimen(s). The ID form is routed to the Applicant Record Entry Department for entry of the applicant demographic information. Personnel in this area have no access to laboratory results. The specimen(s) go into the laboratory, and tests are performed using the unique bar code number.

Each section within the laboratory and throughout the company has a defined plan to monitor performance and detect possible opportunities for improvement. More than 200 different indicators are monitored through various Quality Improvement programs.

Imaging Solutions

As an insurance company, you spend time, money, and energy implementing imaging and workflow solutions to build internal underwriting efficiencies. Accordingly, imaging can also be a cornerstone for increasing efficiencies with your distribution channel and vendor partners. The ExamOne imaging solution enables you to create seamless connections and streamline processes with brokerage agencies.

Carrier Imaging

With the ExamOne™ imaging solution, you receive Part II exam forms and/or application forms, consent forms, copies of the ID ticket, and any additional necessary paperwork all at once. Imaging begins upon the examiner placing the paperwork into a plastic pouch with the specimens and sending it overnight to the laboratory. Quest Diagnostics receives the paperwork, creates an image and index file, and then transmits the documents either directly to your imaging system or via our CaseView software.

ExamOne — One Solution for all Your Health Risk Assessment Needs

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